Why Soma Is My Favorite Place For Loungewear!

I mentioned my wonderful Vanishing Edge panties from Soma in my blog post “Hate Panty Lines? Try These!“. I also enjoy the wraps that Soma sells. They are comfy and look dressy and stylish over a tank!

In addition to the panties and wraps, I also discovered Cool Nights, night shirts from Soma as well. Cool Nights breathable fabric keeps you cool and dry and retains its shape and silky drape, even after countless washings.

So far I have three of them and they are extremely comfy. My favorite shirt has the leopard print.

Have you visited Soma before or have I convinced you to shop there for the first time?  Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: Why Soma Is My Favorite Place For Loungewear!

4 thoughts on “Why Soma Is My Favorite Place For Loungewear!

  1. A friend bought the black long wrap in Branson store for she and I and I love it. It’s long and feels dressy but like comfy jammies. I often wear it out. 🙂 we think alike. Its my new favorite store. I really need that leopard if you see it in a large let me know 🙂 lol. Us leopard girls need to stick together. Lol. You have the best posts buddy.

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