Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Age Us!

In “How To Apply Makeup After 50” I mentioned that youthful glow that we are all looking for when we age and how makeup can help that.

There’s so much to learn about putting on makeup, especially as we get older.

Many of us  would opt for fixing our flaws with makeup instead of spending our hard earned money on surgery. We all want to look younger, but unfortunately we can make our faces look worse due to applying makeup the wrong way.

Tried and true techniques from high school years will no longer cut it as we age. Makeup needs to evolve and adapt to changing skin.

I found two videos that explain what NOT to do when applying make up.

Video one includes:

  • Foundation Faux Pas
  • Blush Mistakes
  • Lining the Bottom Lash Line in Black
  • Concealer Mishaps
  • Metallic Eyeshadow
  • Lipstick That’s Too Dark
  • Highlighting
  • Wear Too Much Mascara on the Bottom Lashes
  • Less is More

Video two includes:

  • Dark Eye Liner
  • Powder Finish
  • Excessive Lip Liner
  • Using Your Fingers
  • Spider Lashes
  • Heavy Contour
  • Too Much Under Eye Concealer
  • Wrong Placement Of Blush
  • Wearing the Wrong Foundation Color

Are you guilty of making these common makeup mistakes? Please leave a comment.

TOPIC: Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Age Us!

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