Makeup For Eyes and Lips Over 50!

I discovered a great tutorial on how to apply makeup and what products to buy after 50 years old. It shows you how to compensate with makeup if you show signs of aging.

One tip, I keep hearing over and over, as I mentioned in “How To Create A Bigger Eye With Makeup“, is the importance of using primer on the eye lids and slightly above. It forms a base in which you can put other products and they will last longer. Sometimes the eye shadow we apply doesn’t last all day.  Primer sounds like just the ticket!

The video below discusses the use of eye primer, shaping and defining your eyebrows, and the use of lip primer which does wonders to ensure a smooth application and long-lasting color. For even more tips, check out the video:

What was your favorite tip from this video? Please leave a comment below?

TOPIC: Makeup For Eyes and Lips Over 50!

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