Hi, I’m Kim and I’m NOT a Fashionista!FunFashionFixes.com

Like many of you, I’m just a person who wants to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

Even though I’m not a fashionista, Fashion DOES run in my family, and you can find out more about that at “Is Fashion In Your Genes“!

‎When I started this fashion journey, here are some of the the questions I had:

  • How can I dress comfortably, but still look fashionable?
  • I’m an organized person, is there a way to organize my clothes, shoes and jewelry?
  • Is there a comfortable way to hide panty lines without wearing a thong?
  • Can putting outfits together be fun?
  • Is there a disguise for chunky ankles?

I thought, if I could get the answers to some of these questions and more, maybe I could help you solve some of your fashion issues too! Watch for upcoming blog posts on these very issues!

There are still some issues I don’t know the answers to yet such as:

  • Where do I find a scent free, hypoallergenic foundation that actually looks good all day?
  • Is there an easy way to keep white collars clean without changing your entire makeup routine?
  • How do I keep white dog hair off of my black pants for good?
  • Why are dressing room mirrors in department stores so unflattering?
  • Why did Levi’s stop making the 100% cotton denim jeans and are there any out there that fit the same?

If you have some tips, please let me know.  LOL

The motivation for this blog came from mostly after looking through Pinterest, browsing through social media, and speaking to my fashionable friends, who are my greatest inspiration.

Did you know there are fashionable products that protect you from the sun? I didn’t.

Did you know there’s a way to hide belt buckle bulge? I didn’t know that either, but I do now!

There are so many things I’ve learned and keep learning and the goal of this blog is to share my fashion journey with you…

I hope that you enjoy my posts and I welcome any fashion solutions that you might want to share.